Software development

Software Development

Technology has become crucial in the business world, as it has allowed you to reach a wider audience and take your business to the next level. IT covers many different areas, and you should keep your finger on the pulse in terms of innovation to be able to keep up with your competition and thrive.

One aspect of IT that Hansa Global can help you with is app development. Here is what we can do for you, and all the app development services we offer.

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App Development

Apps typically contain many features that are there to enhance the experience of their users. We will work with you to decide which features your app needs, but here are some we can consider.

For one, push notifications are often used as they produce a direct line of communication with a customer. That means that there is no need for email lists and targeted ads, as messages from the app will create more interest in your brand.

Then, integrations and enhancements are also vital. Many popular apps allow QR scanner integration, one-click contact, augmented reality, and more. Many companies also rely on personalized content, attractive layouts, and system functionality. Moreover, integration with existing technologies can boost the user experience.

Finally, we cannot overlook speed and security. These are a must and vital for app development. When using outdated technologies for apps, not only will the experience be slow, but there might also be a lack of security in terms of user data. We will produce a quick product that will keep your customers safe.

We specialize in developing personalized mobile applications that will cater to your unique needs. By consulting with you, we will develop an app that satisfies both your business goals and user needs.

Maintenance and support for mobile apps

Creating an application doesn’t stop with its release. We will continue to work on it so that it runs smoothly while providing you with support and maintenance services.

We offer mobile apps for Android platforms. In terms of making them, you should understand that they take more time, and there is often a trial-and-error period when certain bugs need to be fixed. On the other hand, it offers more flexibility and has more global users than iOS

When it comes to iOS, it uses simpler coding languages and is faster to produce. Also, people with higher spending power typically use it. That being said, it uses closed-source code and comes with higher publishing costs.

We use the Xamarin framework, which allows us to create apps for Windows, Android, and iOS platforms using a single codebase. This means that your app will run without a glitch regardless of the device the user has.

We also use native mobile app development and platform-specific coding languages such as Kotlin and Swift that allow us to create apps for iOS and Android with full functionality.

React Native is a cross-platform framework that also makes it possible to create an app using just one codebase. That means that you will have a responsive app that will work across different platforms.

Also, Google has developed the Flutter framework, which enables us to make apps for both iOS and Android. We have experience with this app development approach as well.

Our experts will create an attractive and user-friendly interface. We will work together to develop something that represents your brand and satisfies your users.

In hybrid mobile app development, the best parts of native and web app development are used together. The outcome is an application that works smoothly on all platforms and devices. Hybrid apps have access to the camera or microphone of the device.

Progressive web applications, or PWAs, provide users with a native app-like experience even if they’re accessing them through a browser. They come with the same functionality as native apps but are simpler to produce and maintain.

That being said, you should know that the process of app development happens in a few stages:

  • Coming up with an idea: During the ideation phase, you will collaborate with our team to determine your needs, goals, and restrictions. The target market, the scope of the project, and the app features and functionality will all be defined here.
  • Developing a design: Once we know what you require, we will start developing wireframes, visual designs, and prototypes. During this stage, we also go over graphic design, information architecture, and UX/UI design.
  • Building the app: The development phase is when we use development frameworks and programming languages to build the mobile app. This stage includes front-end and back-end development as well as the integration of APIs and external services.
  • Testing the app: Here, we will test the application thoroughly to make sure it complies with various specifications and works as desired. We will focus on functional testing, performance testing, and user acceptance testing.
  • Releasing the app: The deployment phase entails making the app available in app stores and other channels. This happens only after it’s been reviewed, tested, and approved. As the app is published, the back-end will be settled and users will be enabled access.
  • Maintaining the app: Even once the app is available to users, we will still provide support and maintenance. We will continue to fix bugs and add new features while helping users.

Benefits of App Development

If you opt for app development with Hansa Global, you can expect plenty of benefits. Here are the advantages you should be making the most of.

First of all, you can increase your reach by developing a mobile application. You will be reaching a wider audience, as anyone who owns one of these devices can download your app and use it. Thus, there is also the potential of expanding your company.

Having a mobile app means that your clients will have a personalized and interactive experience. This can lead to improved customer engagement, as you can use updates, promotions, and push notifications to reach users and encourage them to interact with your app.

You will also benefit from enhanced brand recognition as consumers will have access to your app whenever they want. That way, you increase exposure and recognition.

Additionally, you gain a competitive edge by developing a mobile app because your competitors might not have gone to the same lengths. What is more, if using the app allows the users to collect points and get discounts, they are more likely to opt for your app and business in general.

Another benefit you will see by working on an app is increased revenue. Great methods of profiting from your mobile app include in-app sales, advertisements, subscriptions, and many others. 

Mobile apps can also assist organizations with streamlining their operations and boosting efficiency. This is possible because staff members are given the tools they need to operate efficiently and productively.

Finally, you will get access to data analytics as mobile apps provide businesses with insights into user behavior as well as their preferences. Such information can be used to improve your marketing efforts and product development initiatives.

Why Choose Hansa Global

By opting for Hansa Global, you will get access to a company with creative, talented, and compassionate experts in the field. Our agency also offers various other services, which means that you can also work with us on digital marketing, lead generation, SEO, and much more.

We will partner with you to help you grow your business, as we’re focused on long-term relationships and want to see you succeed and be part of your success. Whatever type of problem you may be encountering will be creatively overcome in our inclusive workplace, and you will receive tangible benefits as a result.

By scheduling a meeting, you will see how much we love what we do and care about where our partners will be in two or ten years. We will listen to your wishes and suggest better paths in order to grow your company. Lastly, we will track progress and see if anything needs adjusting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having an app for your business?

Among other wonderful benefits, you can enjoy expanded reach, enhanced client engagement, increased efficiency, and more revenue. You will also get access to data analytics and become more competitive.

What is needed for mobile app development?

To create a mobile app, there are several essential components needed. You need a clear understanding of your goals, an original and creative concept, a talented team, app architecture, user interface, and experience design, as well as testing and quality assurance.

How to outsource app development?

There is plenty you need to master for app development, so it’s best to outsource the process. You can easily find a company that handles this aspect of IT, such as Hansa Global, that will do this for you with all their tools and experience.

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