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About Hansa Global

Hansa is a fast-growing, data-led global marketing company with a highly talented, creative, and
compassionate team. We are a one-stop agency for all marketing and sales needs, but we will never sell
to you. Instead, we will partner with you on your company’s growth journey.

We strive to be a part of your success story

We at Hansa are focused on creating long-lasting relationships with our clients to support them through
their growth. Hansa is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace and strives to develop a healthy
work ecosystem providing creativity and results.

How are we different

Yes, we offer all traditional marketing and sales services under one umbrella, but we believe this is what
truly makes us different:

  • We love and care about what we do, and it shows.
  • We show you how when you tell us where you want to be in 1, 2, 5, or 10 years.
  • As your marketing partner, we listen to and understand what, why, and how you lead your
    business, outline your marketing and sales strategy and track progress with you.
  • We strive to bring value to your journey.
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